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We Export Used Cars and their spare parts.
We purchase the cars which our customers want at auto auction, from domestic car dealers or direct from owners. We can supply any cars you want such as Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Honda, Mazda, Isuzu, as Well as all new and used makes, any kinds of Spare parts.
We are able to find cars what you are looking for. So what you have to do is to tell us the information of cars are you looking for.
We don't keep many vehicles in stock because in our experience each customer has very different requirements and by taking orders individually, we are able to fulfill these needs more exactly.
Also, in this way we are able to keep costs down and offer competitive prices.
The are two main ways of doing business. We can either
  • Take your order and buy vehicles on your behalf to your exact requirements and then process them for export to your country or
  • You can com to Japan yourself and we can take you to the auctions where you can choose your own vehicles, rest assured that we can then deal with all the documentation and shipping details for you.
PLEASE CONTACT US to talk about your individual requirements.
Yonezawa Iffy

Aichi-ken, Toyohashi-shi, Jinnoshinden-cho, Kinowari 27
Tel: 81-532-34-0391 | Fax: 81-532-34-0392 | E-Mail:libramotors@libramotors.com